Thursday, September 09, 2004

post-show drunk

Yeah, I think that I've proven that I can string sentences together into grammatical correctness so tonight on the post-show excitement of filling well over half the house with people that cried and laughed (in all the right places) I've just going to "riff" on what's just happened and conclude with some quotes from one of Vancouver's most brilliant critics. I've only got a couple minutes here (as you do also I'm sure) so here goes nuthin':

24 hours before opening night I"m free-falling like the parachutist who's falling down and the stress of standing by the open airplane door is over (and what an anti-commonsensical thing that is: the open door of an airplane, sounds like taking tango lessons while getting open heart surgery don't it ?) and now I'm just falling. I'm so close to the event that it's out of my hands. Now I just give myself up to the mechanics of a world that I've been rehearsing for. I can relax... almost. I can relax until five minutes before showtime when I'm back stage trying to find the reason why I did all this in the first place. I've been on stage before but I've never written a one-person show that's all about slices of my horrific/hilarious life. I go on stage and I race through everything like a marathon runner who's also talking a mile a minute (because he's - let's just say - being interviewed by the BBC and he has to speak with measured eloquence for a very well educated audience) That was me last night: I opened my mouth and then suddenly I was bowing, people were clapping, a friend ran on stage and hugged me mid-bow. It was over and I've been riding a wave of post-show bliss ever since. And to think, that happened forty other times last night. The Granville Island Pub afterwards was full of smiling drunkenness.
Here's what the theater critic from Terminal City, Alan Hindle has to say about my show: "Finally ! Kevin Spenst is a co-creator and regular performer with the Narcoleptic Videographer. a Vancouver-based filmic coemdy troupe and possessed of the scariest eyes on Earth. Do you remember that scene in the Man With X-Ray Eyes, where after Ray Milland has gouged out his own eyes he looks up and moans piteously, "I can still seeeee?" THose eyes were left to grow under a mulberry tree until one day they became Kevin Spenst. Have I made him sound frightening ? No. He is hilarious. This show, in which he speaks about thirty seven languages, tells of his adventures as an ESL teacher. I don't know if this show will actually be dangerous, but it will be beautiful and funny."
Oh yeah I haven't been updating these blogs things lately as I've been running around like a blue arse horse fly (one of my father-in-law's Irish expressions) so if you like my short-short stories go to my site where I've been a little more diligent with my daily writings:


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