Saturday, October 23, 2004

start me up with those big Jagger lips of yours

Hello again. It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything as I've been as busy as a beaver drawing away at bizarre revelations on a new sketch book that I bought myself. (Continuing with that beaver image, I'd like you to imagine me with long teeth sharpening my pencils in my mouth. Come on you can do it, just close your eyes.. Yes, welcome back. )
I spent most of today emailing away, sending off messages in bottles over the internet to various places and people in London regarding short film screenings. (,,,,, and ) The gist of each email was that I'm organizing a multi-media tour of the UK and Ireland and blah, blah, blah... Oh Jesus on a Jetski I've been at it all day and I'm pooped with the spiel. Here you can see it for yourself:

Kevin Spenst and Lisa O'Neill will be whirlwinding their way through the UK and Ireland in February of 2005 to:

( Lisa is a singer/song-writer whose music has been described as eclectic, heartfelt and gorgeous. She will be performing her music solo.)

screen film work,
(Kevin acts, writes and produces short films in a comedy collective called the Narcoleptic Videographer. "The Narcoleptic Videographers are true revolutionaries on the verge of commercial success" - the Only Magazine,

have a drawing show,
(Kevin's illustrations amuse and disgust and then amuse again )

be part of any readings
(Kevin's fiction perplexes you while it tickles your funny bone in places you never even knew you had a funny bone)

and drink, laugh and eat with relatives and friends.

If any combination of the above interests you please email or to book an event. 


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